Choosing how to give can be daunting. Looking at the needs in the world around us can leave us feeling numb and confused about how to contribute in a way that will genuinely help.

As parents, Alexa and I know that there is almost nothing we wouldn’t do to protect our children. While I was pregnant with my second baby, learning the devastating statistics about malaria made me feel like my heart would break.

Malaria is a preventable disease - no one need die of it. Yet thousands of small children and pregnant women die of it every day. Malaria is also relatively cheap to prevent, so every ebook we sell and every dollar you donate really counts toward protecting people and improving economies.

The Against Malaria Foundation puts 100% of public donations toward the purchase of nets, and tracks the entire process, so you can see where your money has helped.

Jan 10 2018 UPDATE: so far we've donated $63,127 USD - this buys 27,000 nets, to protect 48,600 people (this is the entire population of 90-100 villages). Check the fundraising progress here.

For every $18 ebook sold, we pay $0.97 USD in PayPal fees, and approximately $0.18 USD in Ravelry fees (will vary slightly). So $16.80 per ebook will be donated the Against Malaria Foundation. Funds will be transferred on a weekly basis over the period that the ebook is for sale (ending February 28, 2018), and each transfer will be listed on our Against Malaria fund-raising page here.

We aim to make this project fun, full of hope, and accessible to all. If the $18 purchase price is beyond your budget, we'd still love you to participate, so please simply send us an email at

Conversely, if our contribution has inspired to give more, please click here right now and donate what you can.

Facts about Malaria