Holiday Hackathon
explore your creativity this season

We're doing something new and special this holiday: a Hackathon. Start with any Tin Can Knits pattern, add your own inspiration and create something even more unique and special!

Every year in the run up to Christmas, we like to do something a little bit different, special and unique! This year it's knitting along with you to explore how patterns can be hacked, customized, and changed!

Starting now, and ending Tuesday January 17th, join us and knit along - we've got a Facebook Group for you to join in, and are hosting a Cast On Party this Sunday, December 4th at 4pm PST [find your time here]

And there is one great SUPERPRIZE for a lucky knitter!

Why Hack It?

We think TCK patterns are pretty great even if you just follow the instructions exactly. But one of the most inspiring aspects of knitting is the way that every creation is truly unique, a woolly nugget of your love, care, and attention. When you hack a design, adjusting it to suit your precise vision, the process and the product can be that much more exciting and specially yours.

Check out our Hackathon Pinterest board to see how other knitters have already hacked Tin Can Knits designs... there's a woolly world of inspiration!



The World's Simplest Mittens
our newest free pattern, perfect to hack!

We'll let you be the judge of whether our new free mitten pattern lives up to it's name! The World's Simplest mittens are designed for your favourite odd balls, with instructions for multiple weights, and all the sizes too.

With an extra-long cuff to keep them secure on hands little and big, this pattern is the perfect blank canvas to hack in our holiday hackathon. So stop reading this and cast on RIGHT NOW!

Toasty Hands Forever!

The World's Simplest Mittens

The World's Simplest Mittens

The World's Simplest Mittens

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